Consolidation of loans – benefits & simulation

  Purchase of loans The Loan Consolidation Loan allows you to combine at least two consumer loans (held and / or other banking institutions), and possibly a new project, within a single loan. , to simplify your repayments. With such a purchase of loans, you manage your budget more simply and thus more efficiently. Indeed, it allows you to benefit […]

Consolidation fee of real estate after divorce

  Definition The redemption of balance is made in the context of the dissolution of the community , either by succession following the death of a spouse or by divorce. The operation of the redemption of balances makes it possible to become owner of the part of another person (in general the spouse) Calculation of redemption of balance The calculation […]

Consolidation of loan following a divorce

A divorce most often corresponds to a string of unforeseen expenses. Among them, lawyers’ fees, bailiff’s fees, removals … But what happens to the loans contracted by the former couple? Basic principles and real estate loan In the case of a mortgage, one of the spouses is authorized to keep the property provided the loan is taken back in his […]