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Consolidation of loans – benefits & simulation


Purchase of loans

Purchase of loans

The Loan Consolidation Loan allows you to combine at least two consumer loans (held and / or other banking institutions), and possibly a new project, within a single loan. , to simplify your repayments.

With such a purchase of loans, you manage your budget more simply and thus more efficiently. Indeed, it allows you to benefit from both a single rate and a single interlocutor for all loans but also to pay only one monthly payment, the date, duration and amount are defined according to your needs, your projects and your repayment capacity. The loan repayment period is between 4 and 108 months (9 years) while the loanable amount can vary between € 1,000 and € 75,000. The fees are negotiable.

This financial product offers you the opportunity to reduce the total amount of your monthly repayments by extending the repayment period. This is a viable solution against overindebtedness. You also have the possibility to repay your credit in advance, partial or total.

Subscribing to a consolidation of loans takes place in several stages:
 Step 1 – Make an appointment with your advisor
 Step 2 – Subscribe to the offer proposed by your advisor
 Step 3 – Dispose of the funds at least 8 days (from your acceptance of the offer and after definitive agreement by )

 Minimum amount borrowed: € 1,000
 Maximum amount borrowed: € 75,000
 Minimum credit period: 4 months
 Maximum credit duration: 108 months
 Application fees: Negotiable

Redeeming real estate loans

Redeeming real estate loans

The real estate loan buyback enables homeowners to consolidate all their loans and to take advantage of the numerous advantages provided by loan consolidation: lower monthly payments, contact with a single contact person, etc. Your advisor will suggest a fixed or variable rate for your mortgage repurchase. This rate is calculated without the borrower insurance, the file and management fees. The repayment term of the credit is 15 years.

 Fixed rate for a mortgage repurchase, 4th quarter 2015
 Duration of the 15-year credit consolidation
 Highest rate: Not communicated
 Lowest rate: Not communicated

Practice the fixed or variable rate on the repurchase of mortgage
Rate of repurchase of real estate credit calculated except borrower insurance, expenses of file and expenses of management.


The acquisition of credit allows to group various loans such as consumption or real estate loans in one and the same credit with one and the same monthly payment. The credit restructuring proposed by allows French households to control their debt. Many families have opted for this refinancing solution and have emerged from their problematic situation after a few years. They have even been able to envisage new projects thanks to the adaptation of the monthly payments according to their incomes and the personalized follow-up of one and the same advisor.

The online customer area allows you, among other things, to contact your advisor, monitor the progress of your refund month after month and the flow of the monthly payment in a secure way.

Example of consolidation of loans

For a consolidation of loans of 20 000 € and a duration of 60 months, you repay 60 monthly payments of 396.02 € (excluding optional insurance). Total annual percentage rate of charge (APR) of 7.56% (annual fixed debenture rate: 7.00%). Total amount owed by the borrower: € 23,911.20 including € 3,911.20 of interest. 150 € fees.

The amount of the monthly payments indicated above does not include the optional insurance usually offered: death insurance, total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA), total incapacity for work (ITT), of a monthly amount of 12 €, or a total amount over the duration of the credit of 720 € and an effective annual rate of insurance (TAEA) of 1.35%.
Example for illustrative purposes and without contractual value.

Simulation of consolidation of loans

offers you an online credit simulation to prepare your financing request. This free and personalized tool will guide you in your choice of financing most suited to your situation.

With this targeted simulation, you will obtain a reliable and modifiable financing plan according to your needs. You just need to determine the credit corresponding to your project and indicate the amount requested. You can then adjust your monthly payment and the credit repayment period. The simulator will provide you with the balance sheet of the operation, including the fixed interest rate TAEG and the costs associated with your loan application. Note that the contribution to credit insurance is rarely included in the simulations.

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